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Write 31 Days - 2018

Thirty-one days in October.
Thirty-one days of writing.
Thirty-one pages of the words I cannot speak.
Everyday beginning October 1st, I, as well as many other writers around the world, will pick a topic to write and/or blog about daily. I have decided to do a different writing prompt each day.
Stay tuned for the topic list, as well as the introduction post on October 1st!

Oct. 1 - Dictionary DefinitionOpen the page of a dictionary to a random word. Write using this word as inspiration.
Oct. 2 - What You Don't Know: Write about a secret you've been keeping.
Oct. 3 - The Light : Write about leaving the darkness and emerging into the light.
Oct. 4 - Dear Diary : Write a journal entry.
Oct. 5 - Observe : Watch someone or something and write what you see.
Oct. 6 - Bug Collector : Write about insects.
Oct. 7 - Normal: What does it mean to be normal?
Oct. 8 - Secret MessageWrite something that has a message hidden within the words.
Oct. 9 - Country Girl : Write as if you are someone visiting the city for the first time.
Oct. 10 - Dream Catcher : Write about a dream you've had.
Oct. 11 - Black and Blue : Write about an injury you've received.
Oct. 12 - Sharp and Prickly: Write from the point of view of a cactus!
Oct. 13 - In MemoryWrite a piece in memory of a loved one.
Oct. 14 - Party Animal: Write about a party you'll never forget.
Oct. 15 - Cliche: Write about a common cliche.
Oct 16. - AcrosticChose a word and write an acrostic poem where every line starts with a letter of the word.
Oct. 17 - Jealousy: Write with the theme of envy.
Oct. 18 - Complain: Use today to complain about something.
Oct. 19 - I am... : Write about who you are.
Oct. 20 - Obituary : Find an obituary and write as if you were that person.
Oct. 21 - Fight : Write about a fight you witnessed or were in.
Oct. 22 - Rise and Shine: Write about waking up in the morning.
Oct. 23 - Just Write!Just write! Don't worry about it making any sense, just write whatever comes to mind.
Oct. 24 - Charlottes Web: Write from the point of view of a spider.
Oct. 25 - Wishful Thinking: Write about a wish you have.
Oct. 26 - Are You Afraid of the Dark?Write about monsters or something you are afraid of.
Oct. 27 - Addict - Write about something you are addicted to.
Oct. 28 - Don't Call Me Crazy : Write about a mental illness.
Oct. 29 - The Unsent Letter : Write a letter to someone that they will never see.
Oct 30. - The Beginning : Write about someones first moments on earth.
Oct. 31 - The End : Write about someones last moments on earth.


  1. Oooh! I love your writing prompts! May I use some of them in the future! I especially love the Dictionary one. :) I can't wait to read what you have written! I am also a fellow 31-Dayer! :)


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